Knitting & Sewing Hints/Tips


Hints and tips

Top tips for knitted and sewn items for Miracle Babies
  • Babies in special care have sensitive and extremely fragile skin. Make items out of soft materials with the seams and finishes gentle on the skin.
  • Choose adorable fabrics, they can be gender specific or neutral tones.
  • Check the design content carefully; large patterns or those with wording won’t be suitable for our Memory Boxes. 
  • All materials used should be easily machine washed and dried. Cotton, polyester and cotton/poly blends are good fabric choices. Avoid fabrics that need a delicate wash cycle or cold water washing.
  • Make sure the item is securely constructed.
  • Finish yarn and thread ends securely.
  • Use pastel colours, though please avoid using yellow as it is not suitable due to some babies being very jaundiced.
  • For Teddy Bear’s create a neutral face expression, as these are intended for our Memory Boxes.

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