Kriaan's Story, 31 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Diljeet shares Kriaan's story.

"My first pregnancy was a premature birth, with my daughter born at 28+4 weeks. I was advised that if I thought about a second pregnancy I had a higher risk of another premature birth. I wasn’t ready for a second baby, but I started to have cravings and mood swings and so got tested and found out I was pregnant again.

All went well with my pregnancy. The doctors advised me to use the progesterone vaginal suppositories since my last baby was a premature birth. I used them up until 29+7 weeks when during the night I felt something was not right since I felt a lot of fluid coming out. It wasn’t until 2:30am in the morning when my waters broke (rupture of membranes), but I was not dilated nor was my cervix open.

I was transferred to Liverpool Hospital for the delivery of my baby. However, when we got there I encountered a different situation which made me really scared. The doctor asked me to sign a form for c-section, a CLASSICAL C- SECTION; this was due to the unstable way my little one was positioned in my tummy since my baby was transverse. I was in the hospital for about two weeks keeping the baby in and waiting for him to be head down. On the 27th of February I had sharp pains in my back which settled the next day, so I thought it was a false alarm, but during the afternoon I started to have back pains again. This time it was really severe. I asked a midwife to come and check but there were no signs of labor or contractions.

It was when I couldn’t handle the pain anymore that the doctor on duty was told to come check me. After the resident doctor examined me, they ran out to call the head doctor on duty, and I was told the baby's foot was sighted. I was rushed to the operating threatres for an emergency c-section. Kriaan was born and taken straight to the NICU, but he was breathing on his own.

He only spent one week in the NICU, now he is home with all of us. Thank you to the team of doctors and nurses for their amazing work."

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