Lachlan's Story, 33 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Lauren shares her son Lachlan's story.

"It all started at my 19 week scan, I was diagnosed with placenta previa. The way my placenta covered my cervix the doctors said I wouldn't be able to have a normal birth, c-section was the go.I had multiple scans to check what my placenta was doing throughout my pregnancy. At 31 weeks I had another scan and everything changed; I was diagnosed with Vasa Previa, which are blood vessels that form near my cervix and if one burst I could lose my baby, or even myself.

The doctors wanted me on bed rest and Lachlan was meant to be born at 36 weeks. However, the day I was meant to check into hospital at 33 weeks, I started bleeding at 5am. My husband rushed me to the hospital where the bleeding stopped. I was under close eye by the staff and constantly monitored.

However, I didnt make it through the night - I woke up covered in blood at 3.30am and was rushed to theatre. Lachlan was born at 5.20am at 33 weeks. My placenta was worst than they thought, it was sent to the lab for testing and it was confirmed I had placenta abruption.

Lachlan had a hard start with his breathing and was on cpap and high flow for 10 days. The total hospital stay was four and a half weeks in the SCN. I'm so lucky that my miracle baby is here and looking at him now you wouldn't know his rough start to life. My husband and I are so blessed."

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