Lily's Story, 31 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Paula shares baby Lily's story.

"Lily is our little miracle.

During a scan I was told I had placenta previa and to expect some bleeding further along in my pregnancy and if this happens to go straight to the emergency department. Well they were right, around 23 weeks I had a massive bleed and presented to my local hospital, who unfortunately couldn't help little bubs at that gestation so I was immediately transferred to Nepean Hospital where I stayed for a couple of weeks on strict bed rest.

The bleeding would come and go but we were both being monitored and everything was going ok, my only problem was that I was missing my family, who without a drivers license I never really got to see. Thankfully, I was transferred to Liverpool hospital much closer to home and public transport.

My bleeding continued on and off over the next few weeks and then at 31 weeks something went terribly wrong. I had another massive bleed but it came with excruciating pain the likes I’d never experienced before! I was rushed to theatre for an emergency caesarean.

I had an placenta abruption and Lily was born at 31 weeks with her cord wrapped and knotted around her neck, so she wasn’t breathing when she was born! Thank god she was able to be revived and was sent straight up to the NICU where she had the best nurses and doctors keeping her alive!

We spent the next few weeks with one day doing good and then the next three days was a struggle. But she survived and we are absolutely blessed with the most loving and amazing little girl who completes our family!

Until I had Lily I never even knew the NICU existed; I can’t thank them enough. And the support shown from the Miracle Babies Foundation was amazing!"

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