Lucas, 35 Weeks

Miracle Mum Kimberly shares Lucas's story:

We had little Lucas locally at Bacchus Marsh Hospital at 35 weeks and 4 days he weighed 2.580 kg,

The day we went into labour I was having some pains and contractions at 2:20 am, we rang the hospital and were advised to come in for monitoring little did we know we would be meeting our little warrior only a few hours later. I was confirmed in spontaneous active labour at 6 am and after a crazy 4 hours and multiple people in and out of the birthing suite little Lucas arrived by natural birth at 10:19 am before being quickly taken and looked after by an amazing team of Midwives, Doctors and paediatricians who quickly stabilised our little warrior. I was able to see him a few hours later it was the scariest hours being in the unknown as to what would happen.
And always being in the unknown what the next hours would be like and also Not being able to hold our baby for most of his stay, Little Lucas was very quickly taken once born to the special care nursery where he was put onto CPAP for respiratory distress syndrome he also had been diagnosed with Jaundice and required light therapy and was on a drip for nutrition, he was on CPAP for a few hours before being weaned onto Oxygen Therapy this only lasted a few hours before Lucas took a step back and required to go back onto CPAP this is where it got really scary and Required the PIPER team to transfer him to a bigger hospital for more Supportive Care, off we went to Sunshine’s Joan Kerner Woman’s and Children’s. Where he would go into the NICU before getting transferred back with PIPER to Bacchus Marsh after a few days once he was more stable to continue his light therapy and learn how to feed. Lucas was finally able to come home after a total of 10 days in hospital, two lots of CPAP, One lot of Oxygen, Three Rounds of Light Therapy, and drip feeds. Our little warrior has been kicking goals since coming home after overcoming some small issues with Lip and Tongue Ties as well as a period of Jaundice with the many follow-up appointments and check-ups a premature baby requires in the first few years of life he continues to do well in his growth and development.

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