Matthew and Christopher, 29 Weeks

Miracle Mum Sue shares Matthew and Christopher's story:

August 1986. Pregnant with twins.
Blood pressure was raised, my obstetrician suggested bed rest and kept under observation. I was admitted to Sydney Adventist Hospital.
2 weeks later my waters broke. My obstetrician suggested I be transported to Roal North Shore Hospital as the Sydney Adventist Hospital didn’t have the facilities for NICU care.
I was told better to transport mum and babies as a whole.

Arrived at the hospital and with in minutes our babies were born. Identical twin boys.
Rushed away to NICU for medical care.
We were told one of our babies was very sick and we needed to visit him.

Saw Dr working on him but unfortunately he passed away. He lived for 8 hours.

The next three months were very emotional but we knew we had to be strong for our surviving son.

We were so impressed with all the staff in the NICU at Royal North Shore.
The support and dedication will always stay with us. We appreciated the long hours and dedication they gave to every single baby in that unit. We thank them all so much.


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