Miracle Mum, Nina needed regular checkups due to an early diagnosis of pre-eclampsia at 14 weeks. She shares the story of baby Max who was born at 33 weeks. 

"I was diagnosed for pre-eclampsia early on in the pregnancy at around 14 weeks and was immediately put on a daily dose of aspirin. At my 20 week scan, they noticed that baby was a little bit on the smaller side so they started doing regular growth scans on him from week 24. We were diagnosed with severe foetal growth restriction.

I was admitted to hospital at week 26 for high blood pressure and stayed overnight for observation. My blood pressure went down but after that, apart from the regular growth scans on baby, I went in twice a week for blood pressure measurements. The goal was to keep baby in up until at least 30 weeks.

After an appointment with my obstetrician my blood pressure was elevated again and I was admitted to hospital. I had extreme levels of protein in my urine and I was booked in for emergency c-section the next day. Baby Max was born at 33 weeks weighing 1250g. We stayed in NICU and SCN for 41 days that felt like forever. We came home a week before his due date weighing 2194g."

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