Micah's Story, 33 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Madi shares her son, Micah's story.

"Our darling boy was born at 33 weeks after some complications. I ended up brewing pre-eclampsia and it hit me pretty hard and quick. I had to leave work earlier as I was constantly in and out of hospital. I spent about a week in hospital with headaches, blurry vision and high blood pressure.

Micah was fine inside but I wasn’t getting better. I got worst and experienced bad vision, headaches and chest pain. We were rushed for an emergency caesarean at just 33 weeks. My partner and I were so scared.

Micah was born crying at Lismore base hospital. The day after his birth he was rushed by Life Flight to Gold Coast University NICU. Micah developed double pneumothorax and had a total of five chest drains. Two on the right and one on the left. They would be removed and put back in after his lungs would collapse again. Micah suffered with his bowels as well and had ongoing wash outs and X-rays.

It was such an up and down three weeks at the Gold Coast hospital. The doctors couldn’t give us answers on why it kept happening and they were just as shocked about what was going on. They told us they had never seen pneumothorax come back after six hours, let alone two days (which happened to Micah).

We took each day as it came and dealt with all the stress as it came. It was very hard. We were upset from being away from home and not having any family or friends with us due to border closures. We have a 2-year-old daughter who we didn’t see for three weeks and we were really missing her.

Miracle Babies made me feel better by talking to someone about how I was feeling and what was happening with baby and also getting a book full of other parents' experiences. It made me feel much better."

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