Milk Express Pack

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Milk Express Packs support and educate mothers on expressing breast milk for their babies in the NICU/SCN and provide resources for safe storage and transportation of expressed breast milk. As mothers are often discharged well before their babies, they must often express breast milk at home and transport it to the hospital for their baby.

What will you find inside the Milk Express Pack?

  • Cooler bag for safe transportation of breast milk from home to the hospital
  • Breast Milk Storage Guidelines Magnet including safe storage and transportation tips
  • 'The importance of Breast Milk' Flyer for premature and sick babies
  • Breast Milk Crib Card
  • Reusable Drinking Water Bottle
  • Miracle Babies NurtureGroup Flyer - including details on your local support service


Milk Express Pack Testimonials: 

'I loved the cooler bag so much! I use it every day & have put the magnet on the fridge so I can easily access the information.' - Miracle Mum to 26 weeker, Alison

'Very helpful resource, especially for Mums & parents like me who aren't fully prepared. Getting the pack meant there was at least one less thing for me to worry about. Especially for something so important like transporting milk to your newborn in the safest way. Thank you for helping our miracle babies.' - Miracle Mum, Munu 

'Our mums find them very useful. I think it’s the magnet (Breast Milk Storage Guidelines) and usefulness of the esky bag.' - Feedback from Leah Winder, Neonatal Family Support Nurse, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Liverpool Hospital

'We have really loved having these bags (as part of the pilot) and would love more if you have them.
A great hit indeed.'
- Feedback from Rachel Jones, CMC Infant Feeding NICU, Woman & Newborn Services Westmead Hospital

“The Milk Express Packs are purposeful, convenient, hygienic and importantly transportable between NPICU and the family accommodation. We all know how stressful the NPICU journey can be emotionally and financially, being able to provide families with small comforts brings them such relief.'
-Feedback from Shaunah Bresler, ANUM, Neonatal & Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, Royal Hobart Hospital

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