Natalie's Story, 26 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Savannah is so proud of her tiny yet strong baby Natalie, who surprised all of the doctors when she was born.

"Natalie Grace was born at 5:00pm on August 27. She was 26+6 weeks and weighed only 13.7 ounces (390 grams).

During the whole pregnancy we had problems, ranging from hardly any amniotic fluid, her being so tiny, and blood flow through the umbilical cord. It was all a very traumatic but an amazing experience.

The doctors were extremely concerned about delivering a baby not only so “young” but also so tiny. We were transferred because my doctor back home told me the NICU wasn’t equipped to handle a baby so small.

We were there for five days before having to deliver her. They wanted me to make it to at least 28 weeks. That didn’t happen unfortunately. August 27 rolled around, they came in to do an ultrasound (they did one everyday), and they noticed the blood flow through the umbilical cord was reversed so that meant it wasn’t going to Natalie.

I couldn’t have a regular c-section because of the nerves in my back so I was put to sleep, which also meant bub would be going to sleep at the same time. It was a very fast procedure because they had to get her out before she went to sleep as well. She came out kicking and screaming - they were very surprised.

She didn’t need to be on any kind of breathing machine whatsoever. She does have oxygen prongs in her nose so when she gets worked up it settles her back down. We are extremely blessed. I hope my story helps a mother who is going through a difficult time."

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