Nate's Story, 29 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Casey explains how Nate was their Christmas eve surprise!

"It was my first pregnancy, and everything was progressing well. At 29+2 weeks, I awoke with some spotting so I called my doctor and got an appointment that morning. He organised an ultrasound which came back normal. So I returned home.

That night, I started getting some period pains so I called the hospital then drove myself there. They checked me out and I was kept in for observation and some medication to relax my muscles. An hour or so later the pain intensified and before I knew it, and after reportedly saying it was too early, Nate was born at 29+3 weeks.

He was transferred to King Edward Memorial Hospital. Luckily, I was able to be transferred there too later that day. My partner, Bryce met me after a last-minute flight home and we entered NICU together, into a whole new world. The NICU journey is something you would never wish upon anyone. Nate was in hospital for 7 weeks and apart from one or two little set-backs, it was a pretty straight forward experience for us.  

Nate is now 3.5 almost 4 years old and you would never know that he was born prematurely."

Thank you, Casey for sharing your story.   

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