Oaklee, 32 Weeks

Miracle Mum Karrie shares Oaklee's story
"Oaklee was our second NICU baby. After our first girl arriving at 30 weeks when I fell pregnant I was hopeful but nervous, we hit the 30 week mark and I celebrated. Once I got to 32 weeks the issue arrived again, I begin bleeding just like our first born. I was admitted to King Edwards hospital to be monitored, 4 days into my stay at king eddies I unfortunately developed sepsis which meant a transfer to Fiona Stanley. After a 24 hour stay in ICU I was transferred back to the maternity ward. Oaklee did amazing throughout my sepsis and was a happy little baby. Then my bleeding started again, which irritated my cervix causing contractions. I will never forget the feeling of expecting to experience the NICU again, I was so scared but also so calm. I still to this day do not think I will be able to explain it properly.
After deep decision with the OB my partner and I agreed with the OB delivery was our best option. So at 32+6 our little Miss Oaklee made her arrival via c section. I will never forget the shock that followed I had expected for her to do way better then my 30 weeker but at the start this was not the case and really proved to me how different every baby is. Oaklee still had too much fluid on her lungs so CPAP wasn’t enough.
Once I finally was out of recovery and was able to see Oaklee they wheeled me into the NICU. My partner held my hand as we were wheeled back into the exact same room our first daughter was in. I broke down instantly, seeing our second baby in the room our first girl started brought back so many emotions and seeing Oaklee intubated was even scarier.
I will never forget how much our first nurse for Oaklee’s journey comforted me that day. Every single NICU nurse and doctor, volunteer, however they work in and around the NICU ward held our world together yet again. From then on Oaklee kicked goals. We were discharged at 34 weeks on the feeding program. I cannot thank miracle babies, the nurses, doctors, everyone enough. Not only have they helped us once but twice and I was blown away yet again by just how kind, loving and caring every single individual is.
Oaklee is now 10 months and still bounces between NG and oral feeding as we have a few growth issues but other then that she is smashing through everything. I will forever encourage any parent who experiences NICU/SCN to reach out to miracle babies. Your charity keeps our world as parents together when we are in such vulnerable times. Our family is forever grateful."


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