Oakley's Story, 37 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Patricia had a normal pregnancy up until her waters broke and there were signs of meconium in the amniotic fluid.

"I had a great birth, even though I was diagnosed with GDM (Gestational diabetes mellitus) at 23 weeks. I was told to expect an easy birth because my hips were flexible.

However, when I went into labour and the hospital staff broke my waters they were green, which indicated the bub had done his meconium poo before being born.

At 8cm dilated, blood was taken from his head to determine why his vitals were dropping and why he had gone in to fetal distress. Then, I was rushed in to theatre for an emergency c-section.

When he was born he had low blood sugars and a respiratory virus which meant he spent three days in SCN and was placed on antibiotics.

My son is now 3 years old and even though he still suffers from a respiratory condition he is a happy and cheeky toddler."

Important keywords: Gestational diabetes mellitus,     

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