Olivia, 37 Weeks

Miracle mum Tayla shares Olivia's story:

My beautiful little girl was brought into the world by induction at a gestation of 37 weeks and 2 days due to myself being a type one diabetic.
After birth, she had a stuffy nose and discoloured hands and feet, this was put down to the fact of normal occurrences after birth. Around 40 minutes later, doing vitals, it was noticed that her oxygen levels were not rising about 60%, therefore she was taken to the NICU for monitoring and to correct her oxygen levels. A day later, after being transferred to the post-natal ward, I received a call from the NICU that she had been transferred to level 3 and was incubated as her conditioning was worsening, a few hours after that, a doctor from the NICU came to talk to us and informed us that she had contracted GBS sepsis from my birth canal, a fatal complication. I had many midwives and doctors tell me that this was the first case they’d seen in years, since the GBS swabs came into commission, I had the swap, it came back as negative, little did we know, that would be a false negative and it was actually a positive result.
Being peak covid, and the hospital being on lockdown, the precautions we had to take with our girl being in the NICU, so sick, was extensive, until they broke covid rules to bring myself and her dad in to say our goodbyes to her, as they weren’t sure that she would pull through. We had been rushed out prior so the doctors and nurses could stabilise her, as she wasn’t doing well. After she was stabilised, we were brought back in to talk to the doctors who told us they had stabilised her blood pressure and to wait and see how she went over the next few days. Nobody could tell me if she was going to be okay, the next 16 days were agonising, sitting in the NICU for 20+ hours a day, watching the tiny breaths, waiting and worrying when the doctors could update me on anything at all, but against all odds, our little warrior pulled through and is continuing to thrive, despite the sepsis causing nerve damage to her ears, leading to hearing loss for the first year of her life, and also causing her to walking to be severely delayed, along with developmental delays, and after extensive treatment, she’s hearing, and walking and her speech is finally coming along. The NICU nurses and doctors are absolute guardian angels and absolutely amazing, I wouldn’t know what we would’ve done without them, and I can’t even find the words to express my gratitude for saving my baby girls life ❤️

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