Patrick, 35 Weeks

Miracle Mum Catharine shares Patrick's story:

"After suffering hypermensis until 17 weeks I started to sail through pregnancy. At 28 weeks pregnant I developed a series of 8/9 migraines over 1 week. I attended my local assessment unit and although slightly high blood pressure all my tests were normal.

During my next OB appointment my blood pressure continued to be high. I spent until 34 weeks in and out of hospital for monitoring twice a week and multiple admissions to increase my blood pressure medication. At the end I was on 3 lots of different medication 6 times a day.

Whilst my BP was my only issue, my blood tests indicated pre eclampsia but I didn’t have any other marker for it.
At 34 weeks 5 days i was told I would need to be induced within the next 10 days as my baby’s abdomen had dropped below the 10th percentile, I noted my movements had reduced and he had cord flow reversal.

I then had to attend hospital every day for monitoring until they could schedule my induction.

At 35 weeks unfortunately my CTG was abnormal and I was admitted until they could schedule a delivery. I was induced that night, unfortunately he didn’t tolerate labour and I ended up with a C-section.

He was a tiny 1.85kg! He spent 10 days in SCN and then we got to take our tiny miracle home.

From about 30 weeks it was discussed with us about premature delivery and I did a lot of reading on Miracle Babies about other parents experiences to try be prepared for what could be to come for us. It was so helpful, and to have a place to go for support."

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