Raymond's Story, 26 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Lisa shares Raymond’s story.

"I was very sick early in the pregnancy with bad morning sickness to the point that I was hospitalised to get fluids into my body.

Then at 20 week's I went for a ultrasound and got informed that Raymond wasn't growing much so the put me in Wollongong hospital. There they informed me that ray was going to come early but they didn't know how early so the transferred me to North shore hospital as Wollongong hospital can't take babies under 30 weeks.

I was feeling fine in myself when at 26 weeks and 5 days the doctor came and told me I was going for a emergency c-section as I had formed a rare condition called HELLP syndrome and if they didn't deliver we were both going to die. So less the 1 hour later Raymond made his entrance to the world weighing only 594grams.

I was taken straight to ICU and didn't get to see Raymond for the first 3 days.

Close to a year later and operations for a hernia and for a button to be put in Raymond's stomach as he stopped eating we finally got to take ray home. He came home on oxygen and just after his first birthday he came of the oxygen, many trips to the hospital as he would get a cough very easily.

One time he got a really bad cough that his lungs collapsed and we got air lifted from Wollongong hospital to randwick children's hospital and he was I'm ICU for a week.

He is now a happy 10 year old as of the 10th of September, he still doesn't eat properly and has autism but he is my little miracle baby.

I would just like to thank all the stuff who looked after Raymond in Royal North Shore hospital, Wollongong hospital and Randwick Children's hospital for taking wonderful care of my son.

Also thank you to Ronald MacDonald House for helping me with accommodation when in Sydney and Miracle Babies Foundation for clothes they gave me for Raymond and always a ear to listen to me when I was down".

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