Reuben & Jeremiah's Story, 28 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Morgan struggled with a severe form of morning sickness throughout her whole pregnancy. She spent the final weeks on bed rest with a cervical suture to give her twin boys the best chance of survival. She shares the story of welcoming them into the world.

"I found out quite early I was expecting twins. Myself and my partner were over the moon with the news of two new additions to our family. Unfortunately, my normal morning-sickness went from bad to worse, and I was diagnosed with hypertension gravidarum, which unfortunately lasted for the entire 28 weeks of pregnancy - but that was soon to be the least of my worries.

At 19 weeks I thought I was going in for a routine morphology scan, until it was noticed that my cervix was dilated and Twin A had bulging membranes. I was rushed to a birthing suite and was given the diagnosis of an incompetent cervix (which I had never heard of) and given my options. We decided for a cervical suture to give our boys the best chance. 

For the next nine weeks I was on complete bed rest to give myself the best chance of getting to 37 weeks. However, I woke up one Friday morning with niggling back pain and cramp like aches which then spiralled into labour. Because I had a cervical stitch in I wasn’t allowed to dilate any further than I already had, as it could cause even more damage.

I was administered all the necessary medications to try to prepare our little boys for their impending arrival, and after failed attempts of holding labour off for three days, on Monday afternoon at 3:52 and 3:53pm we welcomed Reuben and Jeremiah at 28+6 weeks, weighing an amazing 1338g and 1269g. 

We spent a total of nine weeks in intensive and special care with Reuben struggling on and off CPAP for weeks. While Jeremiah was in SCN enjoying cord free cuddles. The boys moved into their twin cot on Christmas Eve and before we knew it we were getting discharged, two weeks before our due date.

Fast forward seven months and no one believes our boys were early. They are smashing all milestones and more. We couldn’t fault our nurses in NICU and will forever be in debt to them and also Miracle Babies throughout the duration of our stay."   

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