Rhyley's Story, 29 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Jolene shares Rhyley’s story.

"We found out I was pregnant with Rhyley at 9 weeks gestation, which was some what a surprise to my husband and I as we sadly had just lost our first baby just a short time before hand. So it made my pregnancy with Rhyley very nerve racking. However I was extremely luck to have found a wonderful OB/GYN Dr Ian Fulcher, who assured me that he would do everything possible to make sure I had a happy, healthy baby.

Unfortunately at 23+6 weeks my cervix started to dilate, so I was put in for a cervical stitch to help prolong my pregnancy. The procedure went to plan until later that evening my membranes ruptured. This lead to a week and half at Sydney South West private hospital and then transferred across to Liverpool Hospital (both hospitals were amazing, and gave me the best care I could ever asked for. I can't thank them enough).

Between the two different hospitals I spent 6 weeks on bed rest. My stay at Liverpool hospital, at times became lonely and I was unsure of what to expect, until I met Kylie Pussell from Miracle babies. We had a little chat about the NICU and what it was like and what to expect and advised me to ask to go see the NICU before bub arrived. Unfortunately he arrived before that could happen.

At 29+4 weeks Rhyley was born, weighing 1560g and 42cm long. With a rock start on a ventilator to assist and maintain his breathing, I was shocked and overwhelmed to see my baby like that, but I knew from my chat with Kylie that he was in the best place.

Rhyley spent five and a half weeks in the NICU, where we made some amazing friends and wonderful staff. Our stay at Liverpool was an adventure on CPAP for a number of weeks, bouncing between CPAP and high flow until he finally made it to low flow. I tried my hardest to keep up to this hungry little man, with expressing as much as I could because his feeds going up all the time.

At 35+5 weeks we transferred over to Campbelltown Special care. With only a few days on low flow and just a little extra care and growth it was time to start getting ready for him to head home. Finally at 37 weeks we were able to take our little miracle home.

Once we left the NICU and SCN we made sure we followed up on all his rainbow clinic appointments and attended extra programs offered to premature babies such as rugrats. I found this to be such a great support network and help Rhyley reach milestones at his corrected age. Rhyley reached his corrected age/milestones at 21 months.

Now at 9 years old I couldn't be prouder of Rhyley. He is so kind, thoughtful, smart, out going, adventurous and thrill seeking young man. Rhyley is doing extremely well at school, even in an extension maths program and loves living life to the fullest, from Rhyley motorbikes, kayaking and house riding.

We are so proud of the young man he is becoming, and so so very proud of him because he has always been such a big supporter of his journey in the NICU and supporting others that are starting their NICU journeys, whether it's been putting a few dollars in the donation humidity cribs or buying miracle babies merchandise, he loves to support those in need. 

Rhyley is now taking part of Move for Miracles, it's so very sweet".



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