Riley, 29 Weeks

Miracle Mum Yvette shares Riley's story

"When I was 9 weeks pregnant, I had bleeding and went to hospital thinking I was having a miscarriage (again). They did an ultrasound and said baby was fine and that I had a Hematoma and that it usually resolves on its own.

From 9 weeks to 16 weeks I bled on and off and had scans most week to make sure everything was okay with bub. The bleeding stopped until I was 20 weeks I had quite a large bleed and went straight to hospital. They ran tests and confirmed that my membranes had ruptured.

They put me in the birthing suite thinking I would deliver within the next 24 hours. I spent 3 nights in birthing suite and nothing had eventuated so they admitted me into a room on the ward. I was told if I deliver before 23 weeks it will be treated as a miscarriage as there is nothing they would do to save bub. I knew I had to hold on till at least 23 weeks to give this baby a chance.

Once I hit 23 weeks I was transferred to Mater Mothers Brisbane where bub would be cared for in the NICU. I spent the next 6 weeks at the Mater, being monitored daily, having blood tests to rule out infection, I had steroid shots to support bubs lungs. I continued to have bleeds on and off the whole time.

I was 29+4 weeks when I was in my room and suddenly went into labour. My obstetrician came in to do a check and confirmed I was fully dilated and I was rushed down to theatre for an emergency c-section as bub was breech. He was rushed straight to NICU so I did not see him until I had left recovery.

He only required CPAP for 6 days and after 1.5 weeks he was transferred to the special care nursery where he spent the next 8 weeks. He is home now and doing so well. He is our little miracle 🥰"




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