Ruslan and Maksim's Story, 26 Weeks

Miracle mum, Amy shares Ruslan and Maksim's story.

"Konstantin and I are first time parents to our beautiful twin boys. We were married in late September and I had been having a very normal pregnancy with no issues whatsoever. Then, on the day that I was six months pregnant in mid October 2020, I was working from home and in the morning I started to have some bad back pain and small amounts of bleeding. I called the hospital and they advised me to come in to get it looked at.

It took Konstantin and I about 10 minutes to get ready and go to the hospital, by the time we were getting in the car I started to have contractions. We got to the hospital in 20 minutes and got to see midwives and doctors straight away as I was in full labour and fully dilated. They took me in for an emergency c-section within 15 minutes of arriving at hospital and our sons were born within two minutes of each other, both weighing exactly the same 960grams; big for their gestation for twins. I was able to briefly see them in recovery before they were taken to Westmead.

We spent three months in Westmead Hospital, the staff there are absolutely amazing and supportive, it would have been much harder without them. Our time there was mostly uneventful, some blood transfusions and a course of steroids each just due to their extreme prematurity. In the beginning we just could not believe that they were here and it didn't feel real, they were so small and everything, including breathing, was just so hard for them. It was exhausting for all of us, going to hospital every day and our boys having to learn to breathe on their own and then learn to eat. It was extremely stressful for everyone and emotionally draining.

After three months, we were transferred back to Blacktown, where our boys learnt to suck and to feed, and after a few weeks Ruslan was able to come home with us. Then, five days later, Maksim came home too and our family was finally all together. It was a huge relief to finally have our boys home after being in hospital for just over 100 days.

We've had our boys home for about two months now and it's just been so busy, but we've loved every minute of being with our beautiful sons, they truly are our little miracles."

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