Rylan's Story, 32 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Hollie faced a high risk pregnancy with baby number two from the beginning. Then at 30 weeks they discovered he had Absent End Flow in the Umbilical Cord meaning daily scans. She shares the story of baby Rylan's arrival.

"Our first Son was born 34.5 at 1.39kgs with IUGR so we knew there was a chance that any further children we may have would be born teeny. We tried for a couple of years after our Son was born, but with no luck. Five years later, our second Miracle was conceived and from the start we were high risk due to my previous pregnancy.

At the 20 week Scan he was in the 20th Percentile and we thought ok he is going to be smallish, no problems! 24 week Scan, 7th Percentile and the Hospital we were booked in with said we needed to be moved to a high risk Hospital. 28 week Scan he was in the 3rd Percentile.

At the 30 week scan they found Absent End Flow in the Umbilical Cord. The Doctor, Dr Pheobe Simpson (I mention her because she is an incredible person), told me that I would need a scan every day moving forward and if I didn't feel movement I needed to be at the Hospital within 2 hours. We lived nearly 1.5 hours away so I made the decision to be admitted - leaving my 6-year-old was very hard.

Every day I was scanned and some days were ok and others not so good. Our little guy was protecting his brain and heart and sending his blood to those vital organs. He was already fighting hard.

The flow in the cord reversed and I was given steroids at 31 weeks. The cord improved for a couple of days and at 32.3 weeks I had my daily scan and the cord was back to reverse. It was time! Rylan was born via Emergency C Section at 1.09pm. He was Breach. He spent the first 3 days on CPAP and was in the NICU for 6 days. We then moved to the SCN and on day 41 we finally came home.

Rylan was born 1.260kgs and came home at 2.084kgs. He came home at 38 weeks Gestation.

Our teeny guy is incredible and strong and we are blessed. The journey was long but there was an end and a new beginning."

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