Sailor's Story, 27 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Casey shares Sailor's story.

"Sailor was born at 27+4 weeks at 12.04am weighing 896grams. She was rushed straight away to the NICU, and I remember being in recovery hoping and praying that my sweet girl was still alive.

She had quite the NICU experience from CPAP to needing to go on a ventilator. I will never forget the night I got that phone call to come to the hospital and the memory of seeing my sweet girl sedated and vented. She was finally back to CPAP 11 days later.

It was a long process getting down to high flow, then eventually low flow oxygen. She also had a duct in her heart that took around 50 days to close.

It seemed like everyone around us was making better progress. But eventually we got to take our sweet Sailor home on low flow oxygen after 80 days.

She is now two months oxygen support free and a happy and healthy 7 month old (4 corrected). None of which would have been possible without the amazing doctors and nurses at the Royal Hobart Hospital NICU unit."

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