Samuel, 29 Weeks


Miracle Mum Rachelle shares Samuel's story:

My beautiful boy Samuel came into this world at 29 weeks and 6 days. I didn’t expect him to come so early, I was only at work two days before preparing for the term ahead. I was experiencing intense cramping and contractions, although my GP didn’t think much of it at the time. I drove myself to Nepean Hospital and was hunched over in the birthing unit, waiting for my name to be called. The doctor checked my cervix, and it was 2 cm dilated. I was scared and worried my baby wouldn’t make it.

The next day I gave birth and Samuel came into the world with a smile on his face. I held him for what felt like 2 seconds, and he was whisked away to NICU with dad following along closely.

Sam was such a brave little trooper throughout the whole experience. He was in NICU for about 10 days and had the CPAP mask on. Dad and I were incredibly stressed, but grateful for the nurses and doctors taking 24/7 care of our boy. I spent long days just sitting next the incubator, sometimes doing kangaroo care, but also hesitant I wasn’t letting my baby rest. The nurses put my mind at ease and were so supportive throughout the journey.

I’ll never forget seeing Sam waving his arms and legs about in the incubator. Not a care in the world. The cables and cords weren’t going to stop him from being a little acrobat. He would soon settle and drift off to sleep. Meanwhile I would carefully watch the screen and get anxious with all the beeping alarms.

He was eventually moved into Special Care, and we were so happy. In SC he was the smallest baby in the room, and I watched so many babies go home and hoped one day soon we would go home.

It felt like he was in hospital for a very long time. All up it was about 6 weeks. Sam was able to come home once he started suck feeding for at least 24 hours. I cried happy tears when the doctors said he was ready to go home.

The day we brought Sam home was also my husband’s 30th birthday. A special day to remember for our family. We’re so proud of you Sammy.

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