Saskia, 26 Weeks

Miracle Mum Lucy shares Saskia's story:

September 2021 - the faintest line on a pregnancy test. I was in disbelief so I did 4 more!

Obviously, this pregnancy came with the same risks as the first, plus some! Learning from the previous pregnancy we wanted the placenta to be attached to the outside of my uterus so it had a good blood source and would hopefully get me more than 28 weeks.
The 13-week scan showed the placenta was attached to the outside and was in the other uterus! We were sitting at best case scenario to get this little bub as close to term as possible I definitely had the thought ‘Hopefully this uterus was the better one.’

We bounced between weekly and fortnightly scans and appointments depending on what the previous scan showed. From 22 weeks I was uncomfortable- the baby felt like they had run out of space and my tummy was bulging on one side and sore to touch. My cervix was starting to shorten so I was instructed to take it easy and avoid lifting heavy things (with a 2-year-old at home)

In the evening of 25+6, I had some fluid/ bleeding, I called the hospital and they recommended coming in given my history. I was very much looking forward to winding down and going to bed. But I grabbed my already packed bag (I packed one at 20 weeks because we were very underprepared last time) and we drove into the hospital. And remember very clearly saying to my sister “I will come home!” I didn't come home… IV antibiotics and steroids just in case and constantly monitoring the fluid around the baby and a procedure to keep my cervix closed. The plan was to stay put (bed rest) to get as far as possible. We weren’t really sure if I was leaking my water or not….
I managed to get another 4 days. But on the evening of the 13th March my waters broke and labour started. I laboured all night, and the plan was to have a c-section in the morning for the safety of both of us. I was surprisingly calm..
8:03 am 26 + 4 weeks a tiny 878g little girl (Saskia Wilhelmina) was born and I heard her tiny cry! Such relief.

Here began our second NICU journey
108 days
A bit more eventful than our last journey
But it was familiar and we had familiar friendly faces journeying with us at RPA.
We were ready for the 2 steps forward and 1 step back dance. It didn't make it any easier but we knew there was an end in sight and one day soon we will get to make the trip home without empty hands. Surfactant doses, ventilation, chest drains, CPAP, caffeine, antibiotics, blue lights, coconut oil, eye tests, so many eye tests, kangaroo cuddles, milk 1 mL by 1 mL, and pumping - lots of pumping!
Our hearts were divided - we wanted to be at the hospital cuddling our little girl and we wanted to be at home with our Oscar. I got to one place, and I wanted to be at the other! This journey was hard and so so long! We had in mind the due date, due date, she will probably come home around her due date! Her due date came and went and we will still there battling with feeds. But eventually, she was gaining weight, regulating her body temperature, and having consecutive suck feeds! The 3 ticks to get us home! Finally - after 108 long days Saskia could come home and finally meet her big brother!

Man, it is the best to have them both under one roof! Oscar to this day is obsessed with his little sister, making up for the first 108 days when he couldn’t see or touch her!


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