Sienna, 36 Weeks

Miracle mum Veronica shares Sienna's story:

At 28+ weeks, I was going to my midwife appointment with my husband when we were told that our baby’s growth was not meeting her current gestation and that follow-ups would be at the hospital from now on. It was confirmed that Sienna was FGR and measuring almost 3 weeks behind in gestation. From then on, it was constant check-ups, blood tests, and scans until we reached 35 weeks, and I was doing daily CTGs at the hospital and ultrasounds every second day for growth and blood flow. It was extremely stressful because there was just no reason as to why and my dream was to make it till full term and deliver naturally, but it just wasn’t the case. After back and forth talks with doctors and consultants in the hospital we agreed that it was safest to deliver Sienna at 36+2 via C Section at a small 2.1kg. Seeing Sienna in the NICU broke my heart, but within a week she proved to be a fighter! Sienna is now 8 months (7m corrected) and is meeting all milestones. She is a small but mighty 🥰

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