Teddy, 27 Weeks

Miracle Mum Jax shares Teddy's story:

"At my 20 week scan we found out I had a condition called Vasa Previa and Placenta Previa. At the time we didn't think that it was going to be something that would change the outcome of our pregnancy. At 26+6 I had some bleeding and went via ambulance to Mothers and Babies at RPA. We met with the midwives and obstetrician who monitored Teddy and the bleeding. Teddy was doing great, his heart rate and movements were consistent throughout the whole time we were in the delivery suite.

4 hours into the next morning (once Teddy was 27 weeks) we were told I'd need an emergency c-section as the bleeding wasn't stopping or slowing down. We met with the baby doctors from NICU, had some pretty tough conversations and went into surgery. Teddy was delivered and taken directly to NICU where he was hooked up to CPAP, all the monitors and had a canular put in. Later that day I was able to go (still in my bed) down to see him. Teddy spent 60 days at RPA, he had multiple blood tests, xrays and medications to keep him going. The road wasn't always easy and everytime I had a call from a private number I knew it was the hospital.

Teddy moved to Sutherland Hospital which was closer to where we lived. In the last 30 days he was in hospital I visited him multiple times a day to work on his feeding. The last few weeks were the hardest, hoping he would be ready to come home and realising that there were still milestones he wasn't quite hitting.

The day he came home was surreal. We'd been visiting this tiny human for the last 3 months and he was finally coming to live with us. Since being home he has thrived, putting on weight and hitting developmental milestones. Looking back we just did everything we had to, to be there for Teddy, but more importantly James (my partner) and I took small moments to be together. Some weeks we didn't see Teddy everyday, and that was 100% okay, some weeks we just needed time to focus on each other and our 14 month old daughter going through such an emotional and tough time.

I still can't believe that this is what we've been through, but we made it."



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