Tyler's Story, 28 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Jenna didn't find out she was pregnant until the day before bub Tyler rushed into the world. She shares the story of her little fighter.

"My beautiful little man Tyler - what a fighter! I never knew I was pregnant with Tyler until the day before I gave birth to him. I was on the injection and on my period... but one morning I woke up to a lot of blood (too much for a period). I told my sister and she told me to do a pregnancy test - it came back positive! I was so scared. We went to the doctors straight away, and at first they were telling me "you can't be pregnant you're on the injection"... but I said I have lost a lot of blood, so they sent me for an emergency scan at the hospital.

I had no water around the baby - apparently I had been leaking for three weeks without knowing - so the scan wasn't very clear. They thought he was measuring to be 12 weeks but they weren't sure so I had another one the next morning. That one was measuring 28 weeks.

I came home in shock having just found out I was pregnant and was seven months gone already! Then that night I started to have pains. I rushed to the maternity assessment unit and was put in a room. I started to tell my partner that the baby was coming out... so he ran and told the nurses and they pulled the emergency buzzer and the crash team came running in - doctors and nurses everywhere in this tiny room.

I gave birth to my little boy so quickly he was blue and floppy and wasn't breathing or crying. They wrapped him up in cling film and put him in a cot and ran off with him. Then I went the other way to theatre to get my placenta removed as it wasn't coming out. My partner just stood there not knowing what was happening with either of us.

A few hours later they brought me a photo and said I have a little boy, he weighs 2Ib 9oz (1.2kg). He didn't have a heart beat for five minutes and didn't breathe for nine minutes but they brought him back to life. He was fed through a tube up his nose for a long time. Then had an operation to get a gastrostomy (a tube through his stomach).

He was in an incubator and ventilated for a long time. Then went onto CPAP... High flow... Low flow... and had numerous operations. He finally came home at 5 months old but still has long-term health problems. He has come a long, long way. My little boy wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the amazing job James Cook neonatal team do. I couldn't thank them enough!"

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