William's Story, 40 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Courtney shares baby William's story.

"I started to feel my contractions early morning on the 3rd of August 2019. Bub was 40+5 weeks old and I was excited that we were finally going to see our little man, who we have been waiting so long for.

We knew something wasn't right when it was our third day into labour and I had not dilated more than 7cm. I had my waters broken for me and yet there was still no baby. My son's heartbeat was getting weaker and weaker with every contraction. We were rushed to have an emergency c-section. During surgery our little man got stuck whilst still inside me with the cord wrapped tightly around his neck. He wasn't breathing and everyone was yelling. Doctors, surgeons, nurses and of course me. My husband told me that I asked to be knocked out as they called my son's time of death.

I woke up thinking I did not have a son but he was revived after 27 minutes of CPR and adrenalin shots. He was rushed to NICU Liverpool and put into a cooling crib for 72 hours. Everyone thought he would have brain damage leading to his cerebral hypoxia, but he fully recovered.

I hold my son every day thankful that he had so much support and he is alive because of it. I ended up staying in hospital for four weeks longer with sepsis; but knowing I had my son beside me I felt blessed."

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