Wishing all grandparents a special Grandparent’s Day!


Grandparent’s Day, October 31st, is a day to honour and thank you for the important and special role you play.

When a family travels the difficult journey of welcoming a premature or sick baby into the world, it isn’t just the parents or carers who are impacted. The whole family feels the reality and shares in the emotions of the experience. None more so than grandparents.

Proud Grandparent, Lorraine shares her story:

"We were so excited learning our daughter was expecting. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and we live in Auckland. We did not realise this would be too much of an issue until our daughter was 26 weeks into her pregnancy and rang to say she was loosing amniotic fluid and was in Mater Mothers Hospital. A mum just knows, and I booked flight as soon as I could. It was the longest flight and taxi ride of my life.

Once I saw my daughter and son-in-law I realised I had to try not to show how concerned I was, but to try and be calm and supportive. Our granddaughter Evie was born so tiny at 27 weeks. The thought that she may not survive and what it would do to her parents was not something I wanted to dwell on.

I stayed to help with meals and light housework for as long as possible. Leaving them was very difficult but I had to return to NZ for work and family. I was able to return again to Brisbane with my husband to see our daughter, her husband, and Evie, but after a couple of weeks we had to return to NZ. Then COVID-19 hit and we have been unable to visit since.

Evie is so perfect in every way, but has a feeding aversion and does not drink enough. It has been very hard on my daughter and her partner. I have felt very frustrated at not being able to go and give practical help and support, but my stress is nothing compared to the journey our daughter and son-in-law have been on for the last 12 months.

Evie is making all her milestones and is a beautiful, adorable little girl. We live to see the photos and videos, and hope we will be able to see her soon. I am so proud of my daughter and son-in-law's dedication and hard work. Our daughter has exhausted herself giving every ounce of energy and love she has into her baby girl, and she is doing a fantastic job.

Evie could not have had a better mum and dad, and she is doing really well, far better than I ever expected. But Evie has survived, with the help of medical staff and her parents".


Support the grandparent of a premature or sick newborn here.

$47 provides access to emotional support for grandparents, along with a special grandparent resource

Where does the money go?

To honour and celebrate the grandparents in our lives, Miracle Babies Foundation launched the Proud Grandparent’s Project. The project works to recognise the amazing role grandparents have in this journey, whilst also acknowledging the difficulties grandparents may face, including isolation, fear, helplessness, anxiety, detachment, confusion, and even conflict.

The NICU Survival Pack aims to equip families with a baby currently in NICU or SCN to help them navigate and cope through this challenging and traumatic experience. The addition of these Grandparents resources acknowledge the difficulties that grandparents also may face, including isolation, fear, helplessness, anxiety.

The resources include:

  • Information to support grandparents in coping with the experience themselves.
  • 1 x Storybook.

Reading to babies in the NICU and beyond can:

    • Assist with bonding (without physical touch)
    • Improve mental wellbeing of grandparents/family members
    • Help reduce stress for the baby
    • Aid baby’s development

Grandparents also have access to emotional support services:

  • NurtureLine (24-hour family support line)
  • NurtureTime (in-hospital peer support)
  • New Nurture ‘E’ Online Information Hub

Watching your own child experience this entry to parenthood can be a difficult time.

Miracle Babies acknowledges the important role of grandparents in the NICU/ SCN journey, either as a grandparent, mentor or family friend supporting those that you love and care about and we are here to support you too.