Xavier's Story, 30 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Stella shares Xavier's story

"Our whole journey was one interesting ride of uncertainty. Even trying to fall pregnant was difficult. I was diagnosed with PCOS early on in our journey and was told I was most likely infertile. We tried and theirs every kind of path and Avenue we could to achieve our dream of becoming parents. After ten months of trying, we were delighted to hear the words, “Congratulations! You are pregnant!”

After a mostly uneventful pregnancy, however, when we reached the 30 week mark, we found that our little one was going into distress due to deprivation of critical oxygen and nutrients caused by a deteriorating placenta.

We made the difficult decision to bring our little man into the world early, and from the get-go, he thrived.
It has been four months, and our little Xavier is stopping at nothing to grow big and strong and always impress his parents every step of the way!

We managed to achieve our dream against all odds, even when things seemed at their worst. We completely understand the heartache, pain, tears and frustrations which so many others feel from events similar to ours.

We want to spread our story by any means to ensure those going through similar circumstances know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and can draw inspiration from our experience".


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