Zaidee, 24 Weeks

Miracle Mum Courtney shares Zaidee's story:

"Zaidee was born at 24+6 after a week of sitting in hospital, a few scares and hoping that labour didn’t progress. She was 740g and whisked away to NICU.

Her time in NICU was, unfortunately, rather eventful. Zaidee overcame 2 blood infections, PDA, bradycardia and apnoea episodes, ROP which led to her having laser at 34 weeks as well as chronic lung disease.

After 106 days in the hospital and 1 day before her due date she was able to come home with us on oxygen as well as other medications.

Nothing has been straight forward or easy with Zaidee, she always waits til the last minute and she is truly ready to hit a milestone.

Her last big milestone being starting kindy at the start of this year. We are so proud of the amazing little girl she has always been and the determination she has always shown."


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