Royal North Shore Hospital (NICU)

NurtureTime in-hospital support is facilitated by caring parents who themselves have experienced the birth of a premature or sick newborn.

Our qualified NurtureProgram Team visit the hospital to offer support, guidance and hope. Parents, family and friends can ask questions, share their thoughts and feelings’ knowing the volunteer has a shared experience.

Families are invited to attend NurtureGroup after discharge. Please find the registration form here: NurtureGroup Register - Miracle Babies

Families can access our NurtureProgram Resources at Royal North Shore Hospital including:  

NICU Survival Pack

Memory Box

Emergency Care Pack

Milk Express Pack

Grad Bag

Please find further information on our Resources here: NurtureProgram Resources Landing Page - Miracle Babies

Please ask the staff for your Resource Pack.

Westbourne Street
St Leonards NSW 2065

Phone: (02) 9926 7111

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Wellness Policy

Due to the ongoing health concerns of children challenged by prematurity or sickness we do not allow attendance of children or parents/carers, who are unwell, have a temperature, diarrhoea, or who have an infectious disease.