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Melissa Head

Aubree Jane, Tiny but Mighty

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Aubree Jane, Tiny but Mighty

I’m helping to raise awareness and vital funds to help premature babies and their families.

Please join me and ‘Tip In’ to support a miracle and their family in honour of World Prematurity Day, 17th November.

Our baby was tiny, at 28 weeks our amazing Doctor knew something wasn't right with our babies growth so he sent us to see one of the Top Sonographers in Perth. We were told that the blood flow from the placenta to our baby was restricted and they couldn't tell us why.

At 30 weeks while i was at Armadale hospital being monitored our Dr made a call that no Dr likes to do and that was "go home, get your husband, pack your bag and head to King Eddy, your baby will be here soon".

Just over 24hours later, our baby entered the world via Emergency c-section, weighing a tiny 1090g

Nothing can prepare you to see such a small little human. She was just perfect & beautiful.

Our Aubree Jane you are our miracle baby, loved by many x