WA High Tea

***Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we need to postpone this event. Please check back for a revised date in the future***

In honour of Miracle Babies Foundation's '15th Year of Nurturing' and the 132 babies born each day requiring specialised care, there will be a Miracle Babies High Tea held in Como, WA. You're invited! Gather your family and friends for a lovely afternoon raising vital funds for a charity close to your heart.

"The first 12 hours of my life were critical." Laura Byrnes was born premature at 31 weeks, 9 weeks early in 1994. Laura has become more aware in recent years of the challenges her family faced during this emotional time.

Laura said, “my story is even more complicated by the fact my mother was diagnosed with endometriosis at an early age and was told she would never be able to conceive. My journey started with my parents in country Victoria – I had stopped moving in the womb, and due to where she was in her pregnancy, was told that it wasn’t a cause for concern. It was days before she went to Hospital, and was told she had gone into early labour, as she was 4cm dilated. The Hospital was not equipped to care for a premature baby. Mum was given steroid injections to help my lungs develop faster, as the doctors were doing all they could to help me prepare for an early birth. My Mum was terrified at the thought of losing me. The miracle she had hoped and prayed for all her adult life was in jeopardy. We were flown by air ambulance to Melbourne and mum was stabilised, where they said she would have to spend as long as she could just laying still to give me as much time as possible. She rested for 4 days but I had again stopped moving and needed to be delivered right away. I was delivered by an emergency C-section. My Dad made it back just in time to Melbourne to be there for my birth and to cut my unbiblical cord. I weighed 1675gm and was 9 weeks early. I was rushed to the NICU unit with dad in tow. The first 12 hours of my life were critical, as I was fighting an infection as well as being placed in a head box for oxygen. My birth weight was considered small in 1994 and Mum was told to be thankful I was a girl. I had no eyelashes or eyebrows. No fingernails or toe nails, as well as not fully developed in many other parts of my body.”


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