Tina Ruhs

Community Activities Officer

Even though I was born full term, I weighed 3 pounds and 6 ounces (1.5kg) and ended up in a humidicrib for one week. I am a proud mum to 3 boys, Michael, Stefan and Christian and have a passion for organising events, reading and all things sport.

I have seen my beautiful girlfriend and Founder of Miracle Babies, Melinda Cruz, grow this Foundation over the years and it is an absolute blessing that I can be a part of something wonderful that she has created to help and support other families in need.

My role is supporting the community with events and fundraising. I love working and communicating with people and really want to make an impact to grow community fundraising and awareness. So if you are as passionate as me about fundraising and want to support the wonderful initiatives Miracle Babies are providing to premature and sick babies and their families, then you should sign up, email me or give me a call to discuss some fundraising ideas.