Sharee Goodridge

NurtureProgram Support Worker, SA

While attending what was supposed to be a routine pregnancy check-up with only a Mars bar, bottle of water and a book in case the doctor was running late, I was told my blood pressure was too high and I would need to be admitted with a high chance of having to be flown interstate to deliver.

Being my first I had no idea what was happening and I felt fine. Just under two weeks later Mia was born at 31weeks at WCH due to pre eclampsia, HELP and cholestasis. She spent time in the NICU, SCBU and PICU before coming home on early discharge.

Her sister, Georgia was born at 37weeks due to cholestasis. Due to ongoing challenges she also spent time in NICU and SCBU before coming home with a feeding tube for several months. After two miscarriages and almost daily hospital appointments my youngest Benjamin was born at 34 weeks due to pre eclampsia. He spent time in the NICU and SCBU before coming home on oxygen and feeding tube for several months.

Miracle Babies helped me connect with families who understood the roller coaster journey of having a baby born premature and also having a baby born full term with challenges. I love being able to support families both in and out of hospital whether their babies are born prematurely or full term with challenges, as someone who has been there.