Bryce Ruthven & Melissa Rawson


Bryce and Melissa met on Season 8 of Reality TV Show ‘Married At First Sight’ in 2020 and are based in Melbourne, VIC. Melissa works as a public servant for the Victorian Government and Bryce is a radio host and sports enthusiast. They are now engaged to wed early in 2023 and have since welcomed twin boys.

Twins Levi and Tate were born premature at 29 weeks and spent almost eight weeks in the NICU and Special Care Nursery. Melissa and Bryce know all too well what it’s like to spend time in the NICU ward without having contact with their babies. Melissa and Bryce joined as Ambassadors to show support for Miracle Babies Foundation, following the support received for their family throughout their NICU journey, and hope to continue to build awareness around the challenges of having babies born premature.