Megan Schutt and Jess Holyoake


Megan and Jess met in 2012, when Megan was just starting out with Cricket Australia. At that time, Jess had just started working for Cricket Australia. It wasn't until 2015 that they got to know each other, with Megan being known for "wooing" the receptionist.

In 2017, after an extravagant "Amazing Race" themed day, Megan proposed to Jess.
Megan and Jess have been long term advocates for LGBTQ+ rights. The pair wed in March of 2019, after waiting for same-sex marriage to be legalised.

They spent two years together in Brisbane before moving to Adelaide and buying their first home. From there the family grew, with dog, Eddie, and cat, Whitney, being added. This only cemented how much they wanted a little human to join their family and in early 2021, they began their IVF journey.

In 2022 they welcomed Rylee via emergency c-section due to extreme intrauterine growth restriction, at 28 weeks gestation and weighing 858 grams.