Belinda Owen

NurtureProgram Support Worker, NSW

Belinda is a proud mother to her beautiful Step-Daughter, her Angel Baby, and her Rainbow / Miracle Baby. Both boys were born very premature with severe growth restriction, and both were very traumatic births. Belinda’s first Baby Boy was stillborn at 26 weeks (410g). And her second Baby Boy was born at 29 weeks (920g) and spent a few months in NICU until he was strong enough to come home.
Along her journey to motherhood Belinda has had to overcome many complex health issues; and she did so with the support of her family and friends. Belinda describes her journey to motherhood as 'far from typical'.

Belinda has spent her career working in the disability field, and continues to do so in the corporate world. Belinda is also a Pregnancy Loss & Trauma Informed Practitioner and is passionate about supporting women who are Parenting After Loss.

Belinda started working as a Nurture Program Support Worker with Miracle Babies Foundation at the beginning of 2024. Belinda describes returning to the NICU at the John Hunter Children’s Hospital as ‘returning home’. Belinda feels very privileged to be able to offer support to families who are on a similar NICU journey.