Florence Sward

Consumer Representative

Florence is mum to two boys, Oscar who was born in 2019 and Felix born in 2022. Felix is her miracle baby, born via classical caesarean at 27 weeks gestation due to premature rupture of membranes in week 23. When he was born the doctors weren’t sure he would make it through the night. Felix required ventilation and then CPAP until 38 weeks gestation. He also suffered from pneumothorax, bilateral bleeds to the brain and a host of other ‘premmie’ issues. Despite this, Felix came home after 96 days in hospital without any oxygen and meeting all milestones. The time spent in hospital was hard. Felix was born during COIVD and specifically when the Tasmanian borders were opening, which meant there were many restrictions in place that made the journey tough. Miracle Babies was a great support over this period.

The first 18 months at home meant different challenges and stresses. Felix had slow weight gain and a higher work of breathing than what is expected from non-prem babies. There was also the difficult juggle of frequent medical appointments and many hospital admissions. Now, however, Felix is a clever, cheeky little toddler who is doing so much better than anyone expected!

Other than being a mum, Florence works on a large public health project and is studying a Master of Public Health. She is committed to health equity and wants to use her platform within Miracle Babies to advocate for parents and preterm babies around Australia.