Feeding Your Baby


Before your baby was born, you may have spent time imagining their birth and how you would care for them. You may have even spent time thinking about how you planned to feed after their arrival. When your baby is born premature or sick and admitted to a NICU or SCN, you may find yourself needing to adjust your dreams and expectations.

For parents and their new baby, feeding can be a time when relationships are formed and bonds are forged. However, for parents of premature babies, it can also be a great source of anxiety and concern. In the womb, your baby received all of their nutrients via the placenta and umbilical cord. When your baby is delivered prematurely or sick, he or she will need to receive these vital nutrients in a variety of different ways.

Breast milk is important for all babies but for premature and sick newborns, it provides vitally important health benefits and acts like a medicine that only a mother can provide.

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Infloran is a proud Corporate Partner of Miracle Babies

Infloran is a probiotic safe for premature and sick newborns. Formulated with Bifidobacterium Bifidum NCDO 2203 and Lactobacillus acidophilus NCDO 1748, Infloran helps to:

  • Support gastrointestinal immune function
  • Help maintain beneficial intestinal flora including during antibiotic use
  • Reduce and relieve diarrhoea
  • Promote healthy digestion

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Infloran can be ordered from your pharmacy or online: https://www.infloran.com.au.

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