The Early Years


It may feel like only yesterday that your miracle baby was in the NICU or SCN and you were navigating your way around this unfamiliar setting. Once home from the hospital you may have had a schedule of appointments to assess your baby’s growth and development or you may have relied on community support and your GP. During this time, you may have been alerted to some challenges that your child faces and you may have been referred to a specialist. Knowing and understanding what challenges your child may face will help you advocate for your child throughout the early years.

Babies born premature, small for their gestational age or babies that have had complications that lead to their NICU/SCN stay run a higher risk of challenges, therefore it’s important to watch your child’s progress once the developmental assessments have stopped via the Hospital follow on clinics. We support keeping your Paediatrician and GP informed about your concerns.

And we are here to help! Miracle Babies Foundation parent information hub Nurture 'E' - The EEE Impact, is designed to assist you and your family through the early years and beyond.

Many members of our team have been right where you are and understand how frightening it can be to not have your pregnancy go as planned and face the technical and emotional environment of the NICU or SCN. We can be on this journey with you. Please reach out.  

You can access our support through  NurtureConnect, by calling our 24 hour NurtureLine 1300 622 243 or joining our Facebook page

The EEE Impact has been created in collaboration with parents and health professionals to provide you with Evidence, Education and Empowerment.

Need support? NurtureConnect allows you to connect with our NurtureProgram support team, or call our 24 hour NurtureLine 1300 622 243 or join our Facebook community.


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