Call us on the 24hr NurtureLine 1300 622 243 to register when attending NurtureGroup for the first time.

Miracle Babies Foundation NurtureGroups are free play and support groups for families who have experienced the birth of a premature or sick newborn. We welcome all NICU and SCN families.

We offer a safe and secure environment for children 0 to 6 years who have been challenged by prematurity or sickness in which they can learn and develop through play, whilst offering families ongoing parent support after leaving the safety of a NICU/SCN.


Parents and carers can exchange ideas on parenting, tackle medical issues, share stories, build support networks, form friendships and ease the isolation that can often be felt by families of premature and sick newborns.

NurtureGroups are geared specifically towards the needs of premature and sick newborns and are equipped with toys and activities recommended by therapists to help advance physical development.

Health professionals in maternal and child health fields attend NurtureGroups intermittently to provide information, assistance and expert advice of the children's development. Professionals may include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Dietetics, Social Work, Psychology, Nursing and more.

"The Miracle Babies Foundation NurtureGroup is a great place to meet other families  who really understand the emotional roller coaster we went through and issues that still affect us today. The support we receive from other families is so uplifting and to watch the children together is very special" - Kelly Docherty, mum to twin girls Kiana and Maddison, born at 31 weeks.

NurtureGroup sessions are managed by an appointed NurtureGroup Coordinator who is also an approved Miracle Babies Foundation parent support volunteer. NurtureGroup sessions are held fortnightly and attendance is free.

A general Miracle Babies Foundation NurtureGroup session will include time for:

  • Setting up
  • Playtime
  • Meal time
  • Playtime
  • General clean up and pack away
See what other Miracle Mums and Dads are saying about the NurtureGroups:

"NurtureGroup is such a special place. Having a premmie baby is a life changing experience and just being in a supportive space with others who know exactly what you've been through is comforting and nurturing. Sometimes it's good to talk about the experience (it never truly leaves you) and other times it's just lovely to sit and chat, play with our beautiful miracle babies (and their siblings who are made to feel welcome) and enjoy a hot coffee." - Miracle Mum Joanne, Perth WA

"Having a mother’s group specifically for sick/premmie babies is such a blessing and comfort. I tried attending a regular (non-premmie) mother’s group once my baby came home from hospital and it was just too difficult. I couldn’t relate to any of the mother’s and the information we received was irrelevant. I love this group as it’s very inviting and welcoming, and everyone has their own unique story and they understand the NICU journey." - Miracle Mum Nicole, Perth WA

"I have been attending the Wembley NurtureGroup since my son Zachary was about 4 months old (2 corrected). I first heard about Miracle Babies during our stay in NICU at KEMH and then at SJOG Subiaco. We both look forward to attending the NurtureGroup every fortnight and seeing all of the happy and welcoming faces.Our group leader Jen is just wonderful and provides an inviting and creative space for the babies, toddlers and older children to explore and ignite their creativity. The mothers and carers who attend are always happy to share their stories and it's enjoyable to discuss your triumphs and tribulations in a safe and caring place. Zachary has connected with all of the regulars and loves snuggling up to Jen for a cuddle and play. When we attend Miracle Babies I'm reminded and proud to see Zachary flourish and be his own person despite all of the difficulties he faced when he was born severely IGUR at 32w. The 'stay away if you're sick' policy at Miracle Babies makes it a safe and worry-free place to visit with a young toddler who has a compromised immune system. We know the toys and play equipment are disinfected regularly and everyone who attends is in good health.  I'd like to thank Jen and her team at Miracle Babies NurtureGroup for providing a wonderful group all year round. We can't wait to attend more NurtureGroups when we come back from our overseas trip in July." - Miracle Mum Lisa, Perth WA

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