Aimee's Story, 29 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Davina shares Aimee's story.

"Our journey to parenthood had been rocky. We had suffered three miscarriages, many tears, drug induction and IVF cycles. We did however mange to also deliver three babies ranging from 34 weeks to 37 weeks. When we found out we were expecting our fourth child we were hesitant to become excited, because we knew the heartache that we could possibly ensue. We knew that this little person would be born prematurely, just how early though we didn't know due to anatomical issues.

Just as we were beginning to get excited that this was going to be a good outcome, our world began to crash down. In the middle of the night, when I was just 29 weeks, my waters broke. I remember my husband saying to me "well we've lost this one then"; I was heartbroken.

We went to hospital where we were told we needed to be transferred to a level 3 hospital. We were lucky enough to secure the last available bed in the Royal Hospital for Women. I wasn't going to be able to deliver naturally due to sutures around my cervix. After being given a couple of doses of steroids and the tour of the nursery, showing me potentially what my baby may be born like, I was put on strict bed rest.

After a week, I reported to the nursing staff that I hadn't been feeling the baby move, and I was then fast tracked for an emergency C-section. At 29+6 weeks, she was born a fighter, needing very little assistance. After two weeks she was transferred to a hospital closer to home where she would begin her journey to thrive. She did have little setbacks, but to this day she never fails to amaze us.

She is a kind, considerate, smart, and very sport-talented little fighter. She is about to turn 16 on the 15th of Aprill and she has just been named and selected for a training camp for the U17 Young Matildas. Never lose hope."

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