Bryce's Story, 29 Weeks

Miracle Mum, Martika shares Bryce’s story.

“Where to begin - I was having quite a nice pregnancy with no morning sickness or anything. However, I started showing signs of pre-eclampsia at about 16 to 17 weeks. I started having regular check-ups to monitor the pre-eclampsia but things went pear shaped at 28+2 weeks. I spent two and a half days in Bunbury hospital before being transferred to King Edward Memorial Hospital. Once we got to KEMH, they put me on three hourly bloods and blood pressure checks; and eventually I was told I had serve pre-eclampsia and HELLP. I was told we would get to 32 weeks, however, as they kept monitoring my bloods, it changed to 30 weeks. Then I came in on a Friday morning at 28+6 weeks and was told I was delivering at 9am Sunday morning at 29+1weeks.

From here on in things are a blur. I remember being wheeled in to get prepped for my emergency C-section and then remember the epidural and all the good drugs going in. I remember being wheeled into the cold, bright, white theatre room and seeing doctors and nurses everywhere. I remember panicking when I saw the panda crib. I remember hearing a tiny, tiny cry when they pulled him out, and I got to kiss his tiny head and then BAM he was gone straight down to NICU. I remember waking up in recovery very yucky and groggy from the medications and then being told nothing until I woke up in Adult Special care ward with my parents by my side. I remember freaking out the first time I got wheeled to the NICU and having to stop just before we got to the second lot of sliding doors and then finally building up the courage to be wheeled to where my son was. I remember feeling how hot it was in there and hearing all the alarms going off and not knowing what they were. I remember seeing him hooked up to what felt, and looked like, every machine they had, and it was very scary and daunting.

When he came off the machines and started putting weight on, it was an amazing feeling and we celebrated with the nurses. My NICU experience was very scary and hard not knowing how long we would be in there for. But if it wasn’t for the amazing mums I met in there, and some amazing nurses, my journey would have been a lot harder.

When we got transferred back to Bunbury hospital it was the best feeling in the world. We spent one week there before we were discharged home. Total time spent in NICU/hospital was two and a half months. Today, Bryce is a happy and healthy 3-year-old.”

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