Over the past 6 years, Megan has made a special impact on the lives of WA families



At Miracle Babies Foundation our team continuously brings dedication and passion to the shared mission and goals of our work.  6 years ago, Megan Norbury joined Miracle Babies to help other families just like her own. The experience of having a baby born premature or sick never truly leaves you and often, it’s difficult to relate to other parents who have not been through it.

Following heartbreaking loss, Megan’s two babies, Angus and Saxon were born three months early and spent months in the care of the NICU. Following Megan’s own challenging experiences, Megan decided to join Miracle Babies as a NurtureTime volunteer, providing support to families with a baby in the NICU or Special Care Nursery. Soon after, Megan joined staff at Miracle Babies as a NurtureProgram Support Worker, coordinating the NurtureTime services in key WA hospitals and running NurtureGroups in the Perth area.



“When I had both of my little miracles I felt very scared, confused, worried and extremely isolated. My friends and family tried to be supportive, but didn’t really understand what I was going through. Years later when I found the Miracle Babies Foundation I knew that’s what I wanted to do. I never wanted other parents to feel as alone as I did. Today I feel just as passionate about supporting our miracle families as I did when I started 6 years ago. I have supported hundreds of families over the past 6 years and feel very honoured that these families allow me to be part of their journey. Many of these families are now some of my closest friends.” – Megan Norbury, NurtureProgram Support Worker

Megan’s compassionate and nurturing nature provides comfort to families during what can be an extremely emotional experience. In the NICU, Megan provides peer support and guidance during their baby’s hospital stay, and after discharge, at NurtureGroups, creates a safe and welcoming space for parents and their babies to meet and learn from eachother and for babies to develop through play, at their own pace. Through these NurtureGroups, Megan provides ongoing support for these families up until their child goes to school.

Thank you for the difference that you make each and every day Megan.

"I first heard about the Miracle Babies Foundation when Laura was in hospital. Megan was running Nurture Time sessions each fortnight at Fiona Stanley. I’m so glad I went. I found it difficult to talk to family and friends about what was happening, but so easy to talk to someone who had been in my situation and truly understood…I will be forever grateful for the work of Miracle Babies. For Laura’s first birthday we set up a fundraiser and I asked for donations instead of gifts. I could do this for Laura’s birthday every year forever and never truly be able to show my appreciation for the work of Megan, Tina and everyone at Miracle Babies. It takes a village to raise a child. Megan and Tina are in our village.” - Anna

“I found out about Miracle Babies whilst in PMH NICU when my son was only 2 days old. I met Megan in the tearoom and straight away I knew when we were discharged I would really like to be a part of the Miracle Babies group. I went to my first session and met other mums who had been through traumatic births and having poorly babies. Talking about our experiences made me realise the feelings I had about my own experiences were normal and it does get better. The guest speakers are great too, I've learnt so much that I wouldn't have otherwise known about bub and being a mum with a NICU baby. Thank you Megan for giving your time and sharing your own experiences to support us through ours.” Hayley F

I first heard about Miracle Babies when our little miracle was in NICU and how they run the NurtureGroups. I have never been one to attend playgroups but have been going to NurtureGroup for the last 6 months and love it, the support and friendships made here is something else, everyone has walked the path we are walking. It’s lovely to be able to celebrate little milestones our babies make in a group where there is no judgement. A big thank you to Megan for running this amazing group.” Berlinda


Since 2019, Megan has also led the WA High Tea for Miracle Babies, now an annual event raising around $15,000 for the Foundation, and has driven further fundraising via various community events in the local area.  Her dedication and commitment to supporting families just like her own is admirable and Megan goes above and beyond to help raise awareness and support within the local community.

In 2021, Megan was also nominated for the Westfield Local Heroes award, which resulted in $10,000 in funding toward the Willetton (WA) NurtureGroup.

Thank you Megan for the incredible work that you do and we are honoured to have you as part of the team.