Charlene's Story, 23 Weeks   

Charlene was born at 23 weeks + 1 day in a bush hospital in Victoria, August 11, 2010. Charlene is my second child born premature; my eldest son who is now 7 years old was born at 27 weeks at the same hospital I delivered Charlene. 

Before Charlene was born we were told she was dead, but I didn't believe the medical team straight away. I asked them if I could hear my baby's heart beat on the monitor, and her heart was still beating. They asked me many times to let her go; I said no, I waited for 6 years to have her. For nearly 4 hours in labour they kept on telling me the risks of having her and that she should not be born yet, and that they only resuscitate if born 24 weeks and above. I kept on insisting that I wanted her resuscitated if there's life.  I was given 15 minutes to decide, but I didn't need 15 minutes and that if there is life there is hope. I believe in MIRACLES. 

6 hours after Charlene was born she was airlifted by the flying doctors to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide. After 4 and a half months at WCH and 2 weeks in Mildura Base Hospital where she was born Charlene was home at last! She came home without any major health issues, her eye sight was good, her hearing very good, and she needed no surgery at all during her stay in the hospital.

At the moment Charlene's a very healthy baby and her paediatrician is very happy with her and says that she's even a month ahead on her development. We pray to God that Charlene stays healthy and well. Medical Specialist and Nurses of Midura Base Hospital, Flying Doctors and Women's and Children's Hospital Adelaide, we pray to God to always keep you well and healthy and so with your families. Thank you!

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