Chelsea's Story, 28 Weeks

Miracle Dad, Andrew shares Chelsea's story.

"On the 28th of January 2010, An angel was born. After having an appointment with the doctor, my wife was admitted straight into St.George Hospital after discovering she had dangerously high blood pressure. After being closely monitored over the next few hours a decision was made to move us to a hospital that could provide appropriate care should my daughter need to be born.

We were transferred to Liverpool Hospital, where that night the doctors had to perform a c-section for my daughter to survive. Chelsea was born premature at 28 weeks, weighing just 1.2kg. Both mum and baby were in a stable condition.

Chelsea remained in hospital for the next three months, where the staff at Liverpool Hospital were second to none. The level of care shown towards my daughter and our family was exceptional. I cannot thank them enough.

Chelsea is now 10 years of age and is in year 5 at school.

Thanks to the exceptional staff at Liverpool Hospital, I have seen Chelsea grow into a bright and beautiful young lady who I couldn’t be more proud of."


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