Salesforce Tower Stairclimb raised over $25,000 for premature and sick babies

On the 24th of May 2024, Salesforce led by Rohan Bentley did a fundraising event called The Salesforce Tower Stairclimb. The Stairclimb took place in the Sydney office, which is the tallest building in Sydney, standing an impressive 53 stories tall. 

A huge thank you to Salesforce and their amazing founding sponsors including Deloitte, Accenture, Wipro and 8Squad. Thank you to these wonderful organisations for supporting the Salesforce event.

It was a successful day with over 100 participants all coming together to raise awareness and vital funds for Miracle Babies Foundation.

The Stairclimb alone raised over $25,000!

Thank you all for supporting premature and sick newborns and their families.


Salesforce's Rohan Bentley led the charge of the Sydney Salesforce Tower Stairclimb, drawing inspiration from his daughter Elka, 11. Elka's incredible journey into the world is a testament to both the advancements in medical science and her unwavering spirit. Born prematurely at just 29 weeks and six days, weighing only 1.53 KG, Elka's path to survival unfolded across three different hospitals.

The Stairclimb served as a fundraiser leading up to Rohan and Elka's main event: Elka, at just 11 years old, will attempt to become one of the youngest Australians to summit Mount Kilimanjaro. Rohan and Elka have a team who will be joining them on their wonderful adventure happening in October!







"This journey isn't just about a personal triumph; it's about giving back and extending a lifeline to others who are on a similar path. Elka, her sister and father, along with a team are on a mission to raise funds for the Miracle Babies Foundation, an organisation dedicated to supporting premature babies and their families across Australia." - Rohan Bentley said

Want to show your support and get behind Rohan and his family climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Click the below link to donate: 

Miracle Babies - Kilimanjaro, 2024