Dominic's Story, 28 Weeks   

Miracle Mum, Emily had no idea anything was wrong when she went in for a routine check-up at 27 weeks, only to discover her placenta was failing and she would need an emergency c-section in several days. 

"When I was 27+5 weeks pregnant I went in for a routine scan to check on bub’s size. I had no idea anything was wrong. My placenta was failing and bub was measuring at the 10th percentile. We were sent to Townsville with the information we would have to deliver within four weeks. After just six days our son Dominic was born via emergency c section. He wasn’t breathing and he was rushed from the room, I didn’t even know he was here at that stage.

He was resuscitated and taken straight to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I was taken to Recovery and back to the maternity ward without even seeing my son.
Seven hours after his birth, I finally met my son. He was on a ventilator, which luckily he came off after just a few days. He went onto a CPAP machine for a week before going onto High Flow. Unfortunately he got tired quickly and his oxygen levels dropped, so it was back onto the CPAP machine.

After six weeks we finally graduated to the Special Care Unit where he spent another five weeks on oxygen. Just before his due date we were able to take Dominic home, still on oxygen.  He stayed on oxygen for three months, and is now breathing completely on his own, kicking life’s butt!  

I owe my son’s life to the incredible and fast acting doctors and nurses at Townsville Hospital. Without them, our son might not be with us today!"


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